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My name is
J. Willoughby

Aspiring Musician

Who is J. Willoughby?
This small-town artist, also known on social media as @3illobee, with Big personality and even BIGGER talent, was born and raised in Eatonton, GA. He grew up singing in his church choir, where he found his love for music. Being apart of the LGBTQ+ Community influences his art heavily. He writes about love, loss, and even his own battle with depression.

During his college years, he was finally able to focus on and further perfect his musical craft. While there, he met Triple T (also known as @tori_too_turnt) and other key colleagues and friends that helped and supported the pursuit of his dream of breaking into the music industry. The two artists, J. Willoughby and Triple T, collaborated to become Just Townes Productions and began to self-produce music that was not only appealing to the ear, but relatable as well. Eventually, they began to produce visuals for their music, giving listeners videos to match their vision, while also laying the foundation for a web-series. What’s even more impressive is that it was all done through the touch of his iPhone!

The artists who he currently considers most inspirational and influential to his art are Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan and Lizzo.